Out of Stock products which are from recent launch will be restocked shortly!


Your safety and care is of utmost priority to us. Keeping in line with the safety guidelines by WHO, we have closed our outlets and are now solely operating online.

There are a few changes that have been made to our policies. Please stay in touch in order to remain updated.


  1. Can I still place an order keeping in view the ongoing situation of the country?

 Yes, you can still place your order.


  1. Can I still return my order or get it exchanged?

Yes, you can still return or get your order exchanged. However, the number of days that it might take to get your order exchanged has now been extended to 2 weeks.


  1. Will you send rider for exchange?

If you want our rider to come to your place for exchange, it may require some time. Note that this service is only for customers who live in our vicinity. Otherwise, the customers are requested to send their parcels to our address.


  1. Will your customer service team still be available?

Yes, our customer service team is available at your beck and call at all times. However, due to increased load of queries, it might time take some time for them to respond. Your patience would be highly appreciated.


  1. What is the delivery time for my order? Is it going to be delayed?

We have extended our delivery time to 8 –12 days, given the circumstances. However, you may or may not experience further delays, given the situation of our shipping partners which are beyond our control.

Your patience in such circumstances would be highly appreciated.


  1. I was informed that my parcel was dispatched, why haven’t I received it yet?

Our shipping partners have temporarily stopped delivering in some of the areas, so it might be one of the reasons.

Another reason could be the disrupted chain of delivery due to the uncertain situation of the country. If it is the latter, please inform us and we will resend it to you as soon as possible.