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Product care

In order to ensure that your shoes last long and retain their shape please stuff them with tissue paper when not in use and make sure to keep them in a cool and dry place that doesn’t have too much exposure to light.

For Suede:

Suede being a very delicate material is inclined get damaged with the passage of time due to number of natural or artificial reasons. Use a soft bristle brush to clean any dirt on it. Dry it immediately if it gets wet as it might cause staining. Please refrain from using any leather specific cleaning product on it as they can be quite harsh on it.

For Satin:

Satin is very fragile which might cause it to tear due to even the smallest of contact with a sharp object, it might discolour due to prolonged exposure to heat and light. In order to clean to remove dirt from it, use a soft dampened cloth and a pH -  neutral soap.

Elegancia is not responsible for any damage caused.